Laser treatments have meant a revolution in modern dental treatment and treatment of gums. Laser technology has been used for many years, inter alia hospitals and is subsequently put into use on a portion dental clinics. Laser technology is rather expensive to buy, so not all dental clinics have so far had such a size that they have been able to invest in this new method.

The benefits to patients by the use of laser are many. In many cases avoids the traditional stunning, and yet the treatment can take place completely painless. At the same time heal gums much faster and with much less risk of subsequent infections.

The advantages of the new modern lasers are clinically proven in more than one hundred articles in leading universities worldwide. These articles are documenting the new lasers value in practice, namely in the form of better root fillings, fewer problems refilling.

For operations in soft tissue bleeding is avoided, less swelling and pain and healing occurs faster with less risk of subsequent infections.

The modern lasers can be used effectively by many treatments that simultaneously becomes much more pleasant for patients. For example. by:
Root canal treatment, drilling, surgery, gum inflammation and excessive periodontal pockets, periodontal disease, blisters, cold sores, sensitive teeth, pressure ulcers from such prostheses and more.

Cervius Medical can also provide the following types of lasers: Er: YAG laser, Nd: YAG laser, Diode laser, the KTP laser (double-frequency neodymium laser) and LPT laser (laser phototherapy).

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